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Greater In You

Take a look at some of the latest speaking events.

Want Coach Jas to speak at your next event? 

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about the speaker

Certified Master Life Coach Jasmine Stokes is a devoted wife, sacrificial mother of three, corporate trainer, published author, podcaster, entrepreneur, natural-born encourager, a woman of faith, and unwavering friend.


Jasmine helps her clients develop realistic goals and plans focused on their wellbeing. With over 7 years of experience within Learning and Development and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Finance, Jasmine is well versed in identifying communication strategies for focusing on the development of one's strengths.

Speaking Topics

Star Player

The Star Player session focuses on aligning the inner and outer person. This speaker session deals with identifying how to make you a priority, how to begin the necessary conversations with yourself to ensure you think, act, and treat yourself as you want the world to think of you and treat you. This session provides the groundbreaking tools to Choose You so others can Choose You. This session ends with a four-week journaling journey to assist with ensuring you become your star player.

Faith, Obedience and Entrepreneurship

The Faith, Obedience, and Entrepreneurship session focus on the "Pray, Plan, Grind, Achieve" strategy. This strategy walks you through the steps of goal setting and achieving within your business while heeding to God's instruction. During this session, Coach Jas talks about her entrepreneurship journey and how she launched 4 projects, contracted 4 clients, and booked 3 speaking engagements within her first seven months in business. This session ends with identifying your top goal as an entrepreneur and creating your P.P.G.A strategy to obtain it.

Fearful to Fearless

The Fearful to Fearless session takes you through the "why" in your decision-making to determine the areas you may have allowed fear to enter. This session takes you through Coach Jas' personal life journey starting at the age of 18 to now and how she's overcome fear to be a successful wife, mother, career woman, and entrepreneur. This session ends with identifying your top fear and creating a "fearless" plan to overcome it.

Empowering Greater In You!


" Real, Raw, Authentic, Visionary...where can I begin? Your boldness, drive, and most of all your spirit are to be compared to none. I'm so blessed to have connected with you and look forward to hearing more from you."

-Houston, TX

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