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Accountability for Certified Life Coaches

Certified Now What?

As you embark on your entrepreneurial journey as a Certified Life Coach our 6-month Accountability Program is designed to build upon the foundational trainings from our previous 8-week program or an outside certification program, providing ongoing support, training, guidance, and accountability as you launch and grow your coaching practice.

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Module 1:
Strategic Planning & Goal Mapping


Reflect on your journey, identify strengths and areas for growth, and refine your business vision and goals.

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Module 2:
Digital Marketing &


Explore the core principles and components of digital marketing, including website design, email marketing, and online brand presence

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Module 3:
Branding, Social Media & Content Strategies

Branding workshops, target audience analysis, messaging refinement, content creation, and social media strategy sessions.

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Module 4:
Client Onboarding & Contracts

Streamline your business operations and implement systems to increase efficiency and productivity.

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Module 5:
Grant Writing & Proposals

Practical guidance and essential tools to help navigate the grant writing process effectively and develop compelling proposals to secure funding for your business.

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Module 6:
Bringing It All Together


Review intentions, metrics and achievements from program attendance.

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Want to Become a Life Coach?


So you are ready to be a Certified Life Coach? You didn’t stumble here on accident, you’ve been searching for a program like this, and guess what? You found it.

Life Coaching has impacted my life in a way I couldn’t have dreamed of. To know I am a part of a woman’s greater journey is life-changing.  To know we are all purposed for greater and are assigned to help someone in this journey we call life is fulfilling and life-changing. 


Are you ready to make an impact in someone’s life? Are you already the go-to person in your circle of family and friends? Do strangers just open up to you about their secret desires and heart-felt goals? 

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