Client Reviews

Working with Coach Jas has been a life changing experience. She has helped me to reach new heights in my marriage as well as my career. Coach Jas is trustworthy, patient, always encouraging and truly insightful. 

-Jessica S.

Murfreesboro, TN

What can't I say? Mrs. Jasmine Stokes came into my life at the right time. Her ability to listen to every detail of our conversation, retain that information and formulate a plan of action that has already proven to be successful only after 2 weeks is a Godsend. I feel like I have a coach, a therapist and a friend all in one and I've never met her in person lol. The connection is undeniable and neither are her skills. Thank you for helping me Jasmine! I am more optimistic and hopeful of my future because of you!

- Vashti D.

Flossmoor, IL

I am a Coach and Coach Jas is the one I call! Sometimes you need help to dig out of a dark place, sometimes you need to accomplish a goal and sometimes you just need to be accountable to what you've said...Coach Jas in incredible at giving you what you need in any situation. Be ready to love yourself on a whole new level after working with her.

- Coach Monique

Chicago, IL

I'm so glad I connected with Coach Jas. Instantly I felt a connection during my consultation and was overly pleased with how thorough she was. Coach Jas made sure everything was clear, she followed up with me more than I expected and she always offered great insight to what was stressing me at the moment. 

- Latrice K.

Chicago, IL

Deciding to work with Jasmine has been one of the best decisions that I've made. Jasmine truly listened to what I wanted to do with my career, my marriage and my self care. Jasmine has helped me in the journey to start my business and is there to celebrate  with me the success I've had.  She has provided me and my hubby with valuable resources for us to continue in our love with each other. She helped me realize that I needed to be healthy and happy in order for me to continue in the many roles that I have. With Jasmine, I have a sister in Christ, a motivator, my personal cheerleader, an inspiring life coach, an encouraging support system, and overall confidence that she truly has my best interest at heart. 

- Danielle A.

Indianapolis, IN

Simply put, Coach Jas is awesome! As a newly certified life coach myself, one of my personal goals was to create and publish a journal. With Coach Jas' assistance I accomplished that goal - quickly! I'm a published author because of her.


I can't thank Coach Jas enough for her assistance - she was both knowledgeable and patient. While she gave me the autonomy to implement my own voice and creativity, she coached me through the entire process from start to finish. She pushed me, stretched me, and gave me deadlines to keep the project on track. Coach Jas' expertise  made my experience seamless - for that, I'm appreciate and extremely grateful.

- Coach Chrissy F.

Chicago, IL

Working with Coach Jas was like a breath of fresh air. She was a calming yet urgent presence throughout the entire process of publishing my first book. She comes with a myriad of experienced and resources and shares them freely with her clients. If it had not been for her push, guidance, and wisdom, My book would still be sitting on my laptop. 


She took her time in reviewing my product and giving honest feedback before allowing me to publish online. She made it a quick and anxiety free process by being strategic and encouraging every single step of the way. She invests fully in her clients and takes joy in being a part of the process. For her to engage in a ministry event that I had while I was utilizing her services, shows how much she really values her clients fully. This is more than just business for her. She loves us and wants to see us win together.

- Ivory B.

Nashville, TN