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What She Said

Kisha Walwyn-Duquesnay

Optimistic Counseling /Entrepreneurship Coaching

Before working with Coach Jas I was struggling to find my niche. Withe clarity provided by Coach Jas I was able to narrow down my niche and define my messaging from a target audience to a target client. Today I am more clear than ever on how to reach my ideal clientele. I'm also more confident in the way I describe how I deliver the solution to my ideal client's problem. Coach Jas helped me keep it simple and not overcomplicate it. 


I recommend Coach Jas to anyone who knows they're good at what they do, they just need help fine-tuning the delivery of that service. Coach Jas is a life coach who's become a friend. She's supportive, goes the extra mile, gives you direction, gives you laughs, and gives you clarity on your purpose. 

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Jasmine - coach pink (13).png
Jasmine - coach pink (13).png
What She Said
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