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The Empower You Academy

Build You, Grow You, Stretch You, Empower You


Empower You Academy is a training academy providing courses and programs that will assist you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Courses range from obtaining your certification to become a Certified Life Coach, to creating and self-publishing bodies of work and foundational knowledge and techniques to speaking and booking speaking engagements. Find the right course for you and Enroll Today

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If your answer is "yes" to any of the statements below then you are in the right place.


  • You are tired of doubting yourself?

  • You are always championing others to their win but not yourself?

  • Do you feel burnt out and disappointed in not doing anything for yourself?

  • Do you feel lost and overwhelmed with the thought of balancing another goal?

  • You are ready to walk in your greatness and be passionate about your work?

  • You are ready to be bold, happy, and thriving?

  • You are ready to reach those assigned to you?

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The Empower You Academy

The Empower You Academy is all about accountability and doing what is needed for oneself. We provide the necessary tools and strategies to help you embark on your greater journey.


My Signature Framework will help you establish a foundation to create the life of abundance that you desire. You will learn and implement techniques that will help you to transform your mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, smash procrastination, clarify your purpose, create a strategy and manage your time effectively to live a fulfilling life. We focus on the following techniques in all coaching and consulting services.

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My Signature Framework


Building You  

Taking the time to assist you in completing your mirror work. We call this the mirror experience and being clear about who you are and what you want.


Growing You 

Assisting you in allowing yourself to start where you are and grow along the way. All of the answers will not be present at the beginning of your journey. Being open to growth will be key.


Empowering You 

 Ready to receive the support and encouragement to walk boldly in life and allow yourself the space to be who you are called to be?


Stretching You 

Are you open to a challenge? Will you allow yourself to be pushed and to understand it will not always be comfortable but necessary?

Available Courses


Empowered To Speak

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Learn the foundational tools and techniques to speaking, creating your signature speaking topic and how to book speaking engagements with this "Empowered to Speak" workshop.

In this live, 90 minute workshop, you will learn the:

  • Foundations to speaking

  • How to create your signature speaking topic

  • How to brand yourself

  • How to create your speaker's packet

  • How to pitch your speaking topics

  • How to book speaking engagements

We will also cover certain tools such as the ones below to create your speaking material and to book speaking engagements:

  • Creative Market

  • Canva

  • Eventbrite

  • Speaker's Hub

Bonus: You will receive a Speaker's One Page template. You can download this template and create your first speaking document after completion of the workshop.

Cost: $140

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